• Corporate culture

    Our Basic beliefs and goals

  • Vision

    become the Chinese industry forerunner,the world leader in the field of catalyst

  • Mission

    improve air quality, achieve the blue sky dream

  • Core theory


  • Management policy

    Follow and try to meet the market requrirement

  • Concept of activity

    Leave the difficulty to ourself,offer the convenience to customer

  • Working attitude

    Quick answer&action

  • Our core Concept

    Our Basic beliefs and goals

  • The concept of survival

    natural selection,survival of the fittest

  • Working concept

    respect is more important than the professional, ability is more important than knowledge.

  • Entrepreneurial Concept:

    hard work,and share weal and won of the country

  • Life Concept


  • Development concept

    A boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back

  • Talent concept

    have both ability and political integrity,morality for the first

  • Business Concept

    run company is like run talent

  • Compensation Concept

    salary and achievement is proportional to

  • Sale Concept

    to sale the product is dedication of love

  • Promotion concept

    recommend the talent to the right position

  • Service Concept

    heart touched by the customer

  • Perform concept

    system frist,led second

  • Brand Concept

    professional casting quality,quality casting brand

  • Organization Concept

    the lower level to the higher level,the ego to obey me

  • Wealth Concept

    suffering is the greatest wealth in life

  • Results Concept

    there is no honor concept of achievement,achievement of shame

  • Development Concept

    do not experience wind and rain,how can see the rainbow

  • Our value

    Our Basic beliefs and goals

  • Morality

    we would rather lose money,not a loss of credibility

  • Customer

    create value for customer

  • Staff

    you have much more capacity,stage for you

  • Career

    a power in the contemporary,but benefit future generations

  • Loyalty

    loyalty over competence,responsibility be weightier than Mount Tai

  • Team

    people together is a group,the heart together is the team

  • Gratitude

    The favor of a drop of water has been rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water

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