• Corporate Culture

    Fundamental Beliefs and Objectives of Sinocat People

  • Vision

    To be the forerunner of the industry.

  • Mission

    Controlling air pollution and realizing the blue sky and white clouds dream. 

  • Corporate Spirit

    Unity, Pragmatism, Struggle, Innovation

  • Business policy

    Revolving around themarket, following the market trends, changing with the market demands

  • Behavior Concept

    Leavingdifficulties to ourselves, giving convenience for customers

  • Work Practice

    Prompt response, immediate action

  •  Core Concept

    Fundamental Beliefs and Objectives of SinocatPeople

  • Survival Philosophy

    Survivalof the fittest

  • Promotion Policy

    Givingthe talented equal opportunities and promoting able men

  • Work Philosophy

    Professionaldedication is more significant than speciality, competence is more importantthan knowledge

  • Service Concept

    Impressingcustomers with sincerity

  • Entrepreneurial Philosophy

    Hardwork and plain living, share weal or woe

  • Executive Philosophy

    Systemcomes first, leadership comes second

  • Personal Ethics

    Integrity,Loyalty, Diligence, Wisdom

  • Brand Philosophy

    Specializationcasts quality, quality models brand

  • Development Principle

    Notto advance is to drop back

  • Organizational Philosophy

    Subordinates obey superiors, the individuals obeycollective

  • Talent Concept

    Possessingboth morality and ability, morality comes first

  • Wealth Concept

    Thehardship endured constitutes the greatest wealth in life

  • Business Philosophy

    Operatinga business equates to administering talents

  • Achievement Concept

    Honorablefor achievements, shameful for none

  • Remuneration Policy

    Remunerationmust be proportional to achievements

  • Progress Philosophy

    How can we see a rainbow without experiencingthe wind and rain

  • Sales philosophy

    Sellingproducts is to offer love

  • Corporate Culture

    Fundamental Beliefs and Objectives of SinocatPeople

  • Morality

    We would rather lose money than lose credibility

  • Clients

    cCreating value for clients

  • Employees 

    Your capabilities determine the stage thatcompany provides for you.

  • Career

    Current achievements will benefit the future

  • Loyalty

    Loyaltytrumps competence

  • Responsibility

    Responsibilityis greater than Mount Tai

  • Gratitude

    The grace of dripping water should bereciprocated by a gushing spring

    Corporate Discipline

    Bepractical and realistic

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