Technological achievements

  • The company has applied for 76 patents, including 63 invention patents and 40 authorized patents, and 7 PCT patents, 2 of which have been authorized by the U.S. Patent Office.

  • “High Performance and Low Precious Metal Three-way Catalyst" Patent was awarded the 15th China Patent Excellence Award, Sichuan Patent Award and Chengdu Patent Silver Award.

  • “Low Ce Oxygen Storage Materials and Their Preparation Method" Patent won Chengdu Patent Excellence Award

  • “A Catalyst for Lean-burn Natural Gas Vehicle Exhaust Gas Treatment and Its Preparation Method" won the third prize of Sichuan Patent

Innovation platform

  • R&D team and technical capabilities

    SINOCAT has a strong research and development team and also is a post-doctoral research workstation with technical experts well known in the catalyst field, including experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, talents from “ten thousands talents plan” of the Ministry of Science and “one thousand talents plan”of Sichuan Province. Since 2009, SINOCAT has hosted or participated in ten(10) key national science and technology projects, including three(3) major science and technology projects, one(1) innovation fund project, three(3) 863 projects, one(1) science and technology support plan and two(2) national key R&D plans.

  • Products Design Capabilities

    Formulation design and process development of catalytic materials and catalysts with methods such as DOE, CPM, DVP and PVP;

Experimental Verification Ability

◎ Characterization of Structure and Texture of Catalytic Materials and Catalyst Coatings

◎ Analysis of Catalyst Coating and Evaluation of Simulated Performance of Samples

◎ Vehicle Emission Performance Test of Catalytic Purifier and Post-treatment System

◎ Rapid aging test of engine bench for catalytic purifier and aftertreatment system

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