• Brief Introduction of SINOCAT

     Sinocat Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.(SINOCAT) is a key National Torch Program high-tech enterprise, specializing in air pollution control with catalytic purification technology as its core. It is the leader unit of the Internal Combustion Engine After-Processing Catalyst Working Group of the National Internal Combustion Engine Standardization Technical Committee and the executive director unit of the National Engineering Laboratory of Control Technology. The company mainly provides road/non-road/marine gasoline engine/
diesel engine/alternative fuel engine exhaust gas catalysts, catalytic converters and after-treatment integrated system, also provides industrial volatile organic waste gas VOCs catalysts and treatment technology & equipments.
     SINOCAT has a number of national invention patents and international PCT patents on the key technologies of rare carth catalytic materials and after-treatment catalysts for internal combustion engines. SINOCAT has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of Machinery Industry Science and Technology of China,2 first prizes for technological progress of Sichuan Province.

  • Actual scene

  • Experimental building

  • Panorama of the factory area

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