• Service network

  With the mission of "controlling air pollution and realizing blue sky and white clouds dream", Sinocat has established a marketing network covering the layout of domestic automobile industry, which provides customers with more efficient and superior services. In the future, a nationwide marketing service network will be established to provide customers with high quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

  In order to meet the demand of in-service vehicle market moreefficiently, Sinocat has set up Jingdong Mall and WeChat Mall network platforms,thereby developing a complete after-sale service network. In the meantime, forthe purpose of coping with the automobile after-sale service market in aquicker way, the company has launched No.400 after-sale service hotline,e-registration system, and established after-sale mobile service vehicles andfixed maintenance sites. The R&D, production and sales departments in the companyaim to prioritize to fulfill the service demands and always adhere to thecustomer-centered service concept to create value for customers. Haze Control Hotline:40084456

  • Quality Assurance

  Our Company carries out strict quality control for each set of post-treatmentproducts manufactured, and implements measures such as IATF16949 QualityManagement System, third-party product certification, product quality liabilityinsurance, and signs quality assurance agreements with users of post-treatmentproducts to ensure the interests of users.

(1) Our Company ensures the performance and service life of ourproducts, and provides product quality assurance. If the product is invalid orscrapped due to improper product design and installation, the company will repairor replace it for free.

(2) The product liability insurance is purchased during the warrantyperiod. In case of any safety accident during the use of the product, Sinocatwill assume all the responsibilities and compensate in advance.

  • After-sale Service Content

  • 01/ Service Contents Provided to Agents

         For the sake of ensuring that users of post-treatment productsenjoy convenient and quick after-sale service, Sinocat will provide exhaust post-treatmentdevices directly to agents (vehicle repair workshops or maintenance stations)instead of car users.
    The installation training of exhaust gas post-treatment devices. Themain contents consist of general knowledge of exhaust gas post-treatmenttechnology, technical requirements for installation, installation manuals andinstallation operation demonstrations. Sinocat issues installation license toagents who can pass the training and examination.
    (2) Performance testing and maintenance training for exhaust gas post-treatmentdevice. The main content primarily involves quality determination method of exhaustgas post-treatment device, testing and maintenance of control system, DPFregeneration in the post-treatment devices, replacement of purification componentsin post-treatment devices, etc..
    Providing timely technical consulting service.

  • 02/ Service Content Provided to Vehicle Users

    (1)Real-time monitoring is performed on the operation of the vehicleexhaust post-treatment device. In case of abnormalities, the vehicle usersshould be notified to perform maintenance by themselves or attend the nearestagent (workshop or repair station) for testing and maintenance.
    (2)During the warranty period, the agent will replace the post-treatmentdevice with quality problems as required. The company's regional sales managerwill collect the replaced post-treatment devices on a regular basis.
    The Company provides 24-hour service hotline 400-848-456 torespond to the issues and requests from vehicle users and solve the problems reflectedby vehicle users in a timely manner.

  • After-sales Service Supervision

  During the after-sale service, our company will conduct regularcustomer service trainings for after-sale personnel, including after-saleoperation skills and on-site maintenance safety precautions. The problems raisedfrom customers' product installations will be addressed immediately andsummarized in a timely manner, with the aim of delivering more professionalafter-sale service to customers. Regarding the selection of after-salepersonnel, our company adopts a strict scoring system and resolutely rejectsany unqualified personnel, so as to ensure the quality and standard of technicalservice and technical maintenance of our products provided by our after-saleservice team.

      The Company has set up an after-sale service supervision hotline 028-62825888 to receive complaints from vehicle users concerning the exhaust gas post-treatment devices. The Company has appointed the after-sales service director to examine and assess the after-sale service efforts performed by regional managers and agents from time to time. The regional managers are responsible for inspecting the installation capacity and service work of the exhaust gas post-treatment devices performed by agents in the area under their supervision. Once problems are identified, timely notification and rectification within a specified deadline will be implemented.

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