• Service network

  With the responsibility of "controlling air pollution and realizing the dream of blue sky and white clouds", SINOCAT Environmental Protection has established a marketing network covering the layout of domestic automobile industry to provide customers with more efficient and high-quality services. In the future, a nationwide marketing service network will be established to provide customers with quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.

  In order to cope with the demand of in-use vehicle market more effectively, the network platform of Jingdong Mall and Weixin Mall have been established. At the same time, in order to cope with the in-use vehicle after-sales service market more quickly, the company has opened 400 after-sales service hotlines, and established after-sales mobile service vehicles and fixed maintenance points. Haze hotline: 40084456

  • Quality assurance

  We strictly control the quality of each set of post-processing products, implement IATF16949 quality management system, third-party

 product certification, product quality liability insurance, and sign quality assurance agreement with users of post-processing products to ensure the interests of users

(1) Ensure the performance and service life of products, and provide product quality assurance. If the product fails or is scrapped due to improper product design and installation, it shall be repaired or replaced free of charge by SINOCAT Company.

(2) China has purchased product liability insurance from the company during the product quality guarantee period. In case of any safety liability accident related to the use of the product during the use of the product, the company shall assume all liability and pay compensation in advance.

  • After-sales service content

  • 01/ Contents of Services Provided to Agents

    In order to ensure convenient and fast after-sales service for users of aftertreatment products, Zhongzi Company does not provide tail gas aftertreatment devices directly to vehicle users, but only provides tail gas aftertreatment devices to agents (vehicle maintenance plants or maintenance stations).
    (1) Installation training of tail gas post-treatment device. The main contents include general knowledge of tail gas post-treatment technology, installation technical requirements, installation instructions and installation operation demonstration; after passing the training and examination, Zhongzi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. issues installation license to the agent.
    (2) Training on performance testing and maintenance of tail gas post-treatment equipment. It mainly includes quality determination method of tail gas post-treatment device, detection and maintenance of control system, DPF regeneration in post-treatment device, replacement of purification components of post-treatment device, etc.
    (3) Providing timely technical advisory services.

  • 02/ Service Content Provided to Vehicle Users

    (1) Real-time monitoring of vehicle exhaust after-treatment device operation, once abnormal, inform vehicle users to self-maintenance, or to the nearest agent (maintenance plant or maintenance station) for inspection and maintenance.
    (2) During the shelf life, the dealer shall replace the post-processing device that has quality problems as required; the sales area manager of the company shall collect and replace the post-processing device regularly.
    (3) The company provides 24-hour service hotline 400-848-456 to answer the questions and requests put forward by vehicle users in time and to solve the problems reflected by vehicle users in time.

  • After-sales Service Supervision

  In the process of after-sales service, our company will regularly train after-sales personnel in customer service, including after-sales operation skills, on-site maintenance safety precautions and civilized induction to immediately solve the problems arising after customers install products and timely summarize, so as to provide more professional after-sales service for customers. Our company adopts a strict scoring system in the selection of after-sales personnel, and resolutely refuses to employ unqualified personnel, so as to ensure the technical service and technical maintenance of our products by the after-sales service team.

      The company set up after-sales service supervision telephone 028-62825888 to receive complaints from vehicle users about the exhaust aftertreatment device. The company appoints the after-sales service director to inspect and assess the after-sales service work of district managers and agents from time to time; district managers are responsible for inspecting the installation capacity and service work of the tail gas post-treatment devices of the districts'agents under their jurisdiction. Once problems are found, they should be notified promptly and rectified within a time limit.

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