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Heat accumulating-type three-tower catalytic oxidation combustion

Release time:2021-03-23 15:28

Business owner: an energy company in Nanjing

Main gases: 1,3-C4H8 (butadiene), C2H6, a little C3H8, C4H10, C6, C7

Total air quantity: 80000m3

Technological approach: RCO

Emission goal: ≤ 50mg/m3

Total concentration of TVOC: ≥4000~6000mg/m3

H2: 1.3~2.5%

Features of overall solution:

VOCs catalyst has core patent technology, personalized design and integration, model: ZVPT-15

VOCs catalyst has independent system process design, optimization of flow field, temperature field and pressure field, in order to achieve compact, energy saving, economic performance requirements.

It adopts efficient and green three-tower integrated system of exhaust gas circulating and purification, which is energy saving and emission reduction.

By adopting independent control and integrated technology, it can realize high integration of stability and automation.

Strong comprehensive processing capacity, which is in the domestic leading level.

Technical service: our company can provide customized solutions according to the type and concentration of gas.

Technical advice: Mr. Shi     Telephone number: 15281030506

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