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Direct catalytic oxidation combustion-CO

Release time:2021-03-23 15:23

Direct catalytic oxidation combustion-CO

Business owner: a petrochemical energy technology company in Nanjing

Main gases: alcohol, olefin, alkane, hydrogen

Total air volume: 5000m3

Technological approach: CO

Emission goal: ≤ 60mg/m3

Total concentration of TOVC: 3500~4000mg/m3


Features of overall solution:

Long-term stable operation, ≥ 4 years

There is a large amount of emission surplus, the online emission value is ≤40mg/m3

Independent design, independent control and independent patent right.

Technical service: our company can provide customized solutions according to the type and concentration of gas.

Technical advice: Mr. Shi                  Telephone Number: 15281030506

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