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ZVPD-type organic exhaust gas purification catalyst

Release time:2021-03-23 11:41

Product name: ZVPD-type organic exhaust gas purification catalyst.

Introduction: ZVPT-type organic exhaust gas purification catalyst takes modified alumina of high temperature and high specific surface area, rare earth oxygen storage material of high performance, and perovskite-type transition oxide as catalytic material carrier, it takes precious metal platinum (PT) and palladium (PD) as main active components. By matching catalytic materials and active species of precious metal perfectly, and dispersing them into the catalytic materials evenly, the catalyst with low ignition temperature and high durability is formed. It is a low temperature and high efficiency industrial exhaust gas purification catalyst with independent patent right.

Application: it is suitable for purifying industrial VOCs exhaust gas containing ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (CxHy), benzene and its derivatives, olefins and its derivatives and aldehydes.

Performance characteristics

High purification efficiency: when the concentration of hydrocarbon organic matter is in the range of 300~8000mg/m3, the airspeed is 5000-30000 h-1 , and the inlet temperature of reaction gas is 150~550°C, the purification efficiency is more than 99%, which is thorough without secondary pollution.

Good thermal stability: it can withstand instantaneous thermal shock of high temperature of 900°C.

Long service life: ≥ 2 years, the specific service life can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Strong anti-poisoning performance: it can tolerate a certain concentration of S, Pb, As and other compounds.

Field of application: it can be used in chemical, printing, food, machinery, instrumentation, manufacturing, coating, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Product specifications:




Number of cells

200 cells/in;300 cells/in2

200 cells/in;300 cells/in2


Honeycomb coating

Airspeed range



1、Cross-section dimension:100*100,150*150。

2、Carrier height:50mm~400mm

3、Number of cells:35 cells/in2~400 cells/in2

4、It depends on the specific project of each customer


Technical service: our company can provide customized solutions according to the type and concentration of gas.

Technical advice: Mr. Shi                   Telephone number: 15281030506

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