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Release time:2019-04-26 16:32

Design of relevant functions of APP
The APP side contains two versions of Andriod and iOS, which are compatible with the Web side. The main functions of the APP terminal include:
1: Notification Notice
Function description: Used for publishing announcement information.
2: On-line vehicle monitoring
Function description: Vehicle monitoring can be viewed online through maps and lists. When viewed, it can be screened by vehicles. At the same time, for specific vehicles, monitoring data can be viewed online, and exhaust control equipment can be controlled.

3: Data statistics and analysis
Function Description: Data statistics can be viewed in the form of charts. It can also view the real-time data of vehicles, and compare the data of each vehicle, and support the sorting of data from high to low and from low to high. Support for viewing historical data change curves.
4: Online Operations and Maintenance
Function Description: Check the running status of the equipment, check the maintenance records of the equipment, understand the operation status of the post-processing device installed on the designated vehicle, whether it needs maintenance or replacement, etc.
5: Work order system
Function description: In view of vehicle monitoring problems, the rectification work order is issued, the relevant person in charge receives processing information and completes the work order processing.
The function of work order system mainly includes work order creation, work order processing, processing result auditing, historical work order viewing and so on.

6: Personal Center
Function description: View and modify personal information, modify password, version upgrade, etc.
7. Vehicle function
Function Description: Through APP, you can know the operation of the aftertreatment device installed on your vehicle, whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, and where is the nearest maintenance plant.

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