Remote Online Monitoring Platform

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 Remote online monitoring system

The on-line monitoring system of the automobile exhaust aftertreatment device independently developed by the company consists of two parts: remote on-line monitoring platform and monitoring terminal. The overall structure and functions of the online monitoring system are as follows:

Remote Online Monitoring Platform

  The remote on-line monitoring platform includes vehicle management, real-time map, on-line monitoring, alarm management, on-line management, positioning and tracking, equipment management, work order system, statistical analysis, system management, notification and announcement, etc.
The remote on-line monitoring platform can supervise the related data information of equipment manufacturing enterprises, installation enterprises and vehicle owners in an all-round way, monitor the running status of motor vehicles, and realize the real-time collection, monitoring, analysis and processing of data. The system is based on B/S and C/S architecture, flexible deployment and stable operation; high compatibility, compatible with more than 50 common terminal devices at home and abroad; abundant map resources support, currently using MAPABC and Google's administrative zoning map; flexible authority management, system administrator, first-level administrator, second-level administrator authority hierarchical distribution, to meet the needs of various operation and agent modes; The analysis function is powerful, providing all kinds of driving, parking, fuel consumption, temperature, location, alarm report forms; enterprise management function, providing vehicle and driver information management; humanized service tools, administrators announce announcements, increase sharing labeling, weather forecast of vehicle location, real-time traffic information, etc. Based on remote emission management monitoring platform, monitoring terminal, standard system and testing equipment, a closed-loop control system for vehicle identification, positioning, communication, testing and law enforcement is constructed.
The remote online monitoring platform is composed of Web-side monitoring platform and mobile-side monitoring APP, which supports both Andriod (Andriod 4.4 or more) and iOS (iOS 8.0 or more) versions. WEB operating environment: compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, FIREFOX, MAXTHON and other mainstream browsers; monitoring equipment and data service interface through HTTPS interface to provide external equipment control and data services for external system calls for device deletion and addition, monitoring data viewing, query, statistics and other operations.

Structural Diagram of Remote Online Monitoring Platform
The overall function of the platform is divided into two parts: equipment access and control software subsystem and online monitoring information management subsystem. The remote online monitoring platform connects users and devices (monitoring terminals) and provides services through WEB and APP for users at all levels to view and manage information.
The users of the remote online monitoring platform developed by our company are divided into super administrator, system administrator, supervision department, fleet (car company), driver, operation and maintenance personnel and so on. Different roles have different platforms, data and operation rights. This platform can meet the different requirements of environmental protection departments, post-processing product manufacturers and suppliers, post-processing product maintenance plants, owners and other users. Through this platform, the government environmental protection department can monitor the operation of vehicles installing exhaust aftertreatment products in its jurisdiction area, statistics the emission reduction, supervise and deal with abnormal vehicles of exhaust aftertreatment products (such as informing the owner that they need to go to the maintenance plant for inspection and maintenance); the suppliers of aftertreatment products can monitor the installation and operation of their products throughout the country, and timely discovery of products. Questions and provide timely after-sales service; after-treatment product maintenance factory can track the maintenance records of post-treatment products installed in the factory; owners can know the technical status of their vehicle exhaust gas treatment products through mobile APP, and receive real-time product technical status information provided by government departments and after-treatment product suppliers.
The remote online monitoring platform is shown in the following figure:

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