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Remote Online Surveillance System
The online surveillance system for vehicle exhaust post-treatment devicedeveloped by Sinocat consists of 2 parts: remote online surveillance platformand surveillance terminal. The integral structure and function of the onlinesurveillance system are illustrated as follows:

Surveillance Terminal
The surveillance terminal developed by Sinocat serves as a terminal device forreal-time measurement and monitoring of automobile exhaust emissions duringdriving. The monitoring terminal equipment has the functions of fault alarm andremote online monitoring alarm. It is installed in driver’s cab where it iseasy for the driver to see, and has clear indication signs. The signs containthe product maintenance requirements, fault alarm information processingmethods and after-sales service contact methods and other informations (see theafter-sales operation manual for the signs). The surveillance terminal deviceof Sinocat is shown in the figure below:

---  The surveillance terminal developed by the Company is capable of transmitting data to 2 surveillance platforms simultaneously, in order to satisfy the respective needs of government departments and post-treatment product providers. Such surveillance terminal can be operated not only for commercial vehicle exhaust emission, but also for passenger vehicle for the purpose of monitoring and data acquisition and processing. The data collected and transmitted are as follows:

---  Uploading relevant information parameters of engine, including vehicle speed, torque, revolutions per minute (RPM), instantaneous fuel consumption, throttle opening, air intake flow, gear, engine temperature, etc.;

---  Uploading relevant data concerning exhaust gas post-treatment product, including intake manifold temperature/pressure, post-treatment system temperature and pressure, carbon load, pressure difference, fuel injection volume, urea level, urea pump working status, nitrogen and oxygen concentration, etc, and possessing functions of vehicle management, system management, report statistics, etc.;

---  Uploading informations such as product manufacturer, installation company, vehicle owner, vehicle license plate, etc.;

---  Recording the informations processed by government authorities and regulatory agencies, such as vehicle emission detection data from vehicle testing agencies, and penalty information for vehicles of illegal emissions;

---  The informations of OBD include at least the following details: MIL alarm, diagnostic support, diagnostic availability, fault code, VIN, calibrated software identification number, calibrated verification code and IUPR;

---  Being capable of reading engine data streamed from CAN communication interface: RPM, torque, fuel injection volume, NOx emission data, air intake volume, exhaust temperature, DPF pressure difference, urea level, cooling water temperature, longitude and latitude, etc.;

---  Data acquisition and transmission frequency is 1Hz.

Thelogical conditions for the alarm of Sinocat products are as follows:
---  When the temperature at the DOC outlet is higher than the threshold set bythe system, the system will give an alarm;

---  Whenthe temperature at the CDPF outlet is higher than the threshold set by thesystem;

---  Whenthe temperature at the SCR outlet is higher than the threshold set by the system;

---  When the differential pressure at the CDPFexceeds the alarm threshold and the maximum threshold set by the system;

---  Whenthe value of the differential pressure is less or greater than the thresholddue to malfunction or poor contact of the differential pressure sensor;

---  Whenthe value of nitrogen and oxygen concentration is greater than the thresholdset by the system;

---  Whenthe liquid level sensor fails;

---  When the switch ofthe regeneration control panel fails.

Emergency disposal plan for fault alarm ofSinocat products
Each set of remote online monitoring terminal equipment should be clearly anduniquely identified to ensure that the relevant parameters on the platform arecompletely matched with the installed vehicle information and vehicle operationstatus. In case of product failure alarm, the company provides a complete and detailedemergency plan:

[1] The company has personnel who is in charge of the dataanalysis and processing of the online surveillance platform everyday, which canidentify and solve problems in a timely manner.
[2] Automatic statistical analysis of vehicles’ online status will be conductedby the company's online surveillance platform on a regular basis to evaluatewhether the products and vehicles are running properly. Moreover, regardingsome alarm parameter sets, the alarm will be activated through the platform window,in which the personnel in charge will immediately receive the alarm informationfor timely processing and communicate with the repairing workshop simultaneouslyfor product maintenance. Meanwhile, by monitoring certain data informationthrough the platform, it will ensure that the vehicle owners will by no meansdismantle the installed products without permission. 

[3]When the monitoring terminal equipment encounters problems, it canautomatically alert the driver and send the alarm information to thesurveillance platform through the surveillance terminal, thereby ensuring thesafety of the vehicle.


On-line Monitoring System for Vehicle Exhaust Temperature and Back Pressure

Related Surveillance Terminal Equipment
 Related surveillance terminal equipments developed by Sinocat consist of wire harnesses, sensors, etc..

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