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Catalyst for Diesel Particulate Filter (CDPF)

Release time:2019-04-26 18:06

Functions & Application

Catalized diesel particulate filter is mainly made of cordierite or silicon carbide materials. It employs wall-flow structure to effectively capture particulate matter in diesel engine exhaust, so as to reduce PM/PN emissions, which meets National V and National VI emission standards for road diesel engines and National IV emission standards and above for non-road diesel engines.

Passive regeneration of cDPF is assisted by catalytic oxidation of NO to NO2 through catalyst coating, and the forced controllable active regeneration can be carried out under condition of temperature supply such as fuel injection combustion/burners.

Performance Characteristics

PM capturing efficiency achieves at least 90%, while PN capturing efficiency achieves over 95%;

 Passive regeneration temperature is low, with the equilibrium point temperature under 320°C;

Catalyst coating features uniform distribution, high stability, low back pressure and superior consistency;

Cordierite cDPF exhibits excellent mass and heat transfer with low cost;

Silicon carbide cDPF exhibits high carbon loading and high temperature resistance.

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