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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Catalyst

Release time:2019-04-26 18:04

Functions & Application

SCR catalyst is primarily utilized for the purification of NOx from diesel exhaust gas via ammonia selective catalytic reduction technology. The catalytic reaction equations are as follows:

There are two main categories of SCR catalysts for commercial diesel engines, V-SCR catalyst and molecular sieve SCR catalyst. The V-SCR catalysts can comply with diesel road National IV and National V emission standards. The molecular sieve SCR catalyst is further sub-divided into Cu-SCR and Fe-SCR, which are mainly applied to road diesel National VI and non-road diesel National IV emission standards and above;

SCR catalysts are also applied for treatment of NOx from vessels and stationary sources.

Performance Characteristics

V-SCR catalysts have superior sulfur resistant performance and good conversion efficiency at temperature range of 250°C to 450°C;

Cu-SCR catalyst exhibits excellent activity of low temperature and high stability of temperature hydrothermal;

Fe-SCR catalyst is characterized by outstanding activity of medium and high temperature.





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