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Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

Release time:2019-04-26 18:03

Functions & Uses

---  Purification of HC, CO and soluble organic matter (SOF) in diesel exhaust by direct oxidation;

---  In case of pairing DOC with SCR catalyst, NO in diesel exhaust gas can be oxidized to NO2 by upstream DOC, leading to rapid reaction of downstream SCR catalyst;

---  When DOC is matched with cDPF catalyst, DOC can oxidize NO to NO2 in diesel exhaust gas, and NO2 oxidizes carbon particles to realize passive regeneration of CDPF. DOC can also oxidize injected fuel HC directly to increase the inlet temperature of CDPF catalyst, and burn carbon particles to realize active regeneration of CDPF

---  It meets the National V and National VI emission standards for road diesel engines and the National IV emission standard and above for non-road diesel engines.

Performance Characteristics

---  It delivers low ignition temperature for HC, CO and SOF, providing a purification efficiency of over 90%;

---  It offers strong NO oxidation at low temperature, which can significantly improve  NOx conversion rate at low temperature for SCR;

---  It possesses a wide window of NO oxidationh, with continuous passive regeneration of cDPF, which lowers the frequency of active regeneration of cDPF and actual vehicle fuel consumption;

---  It exhibits favorable resistance to high-temperature hydrothermal aging and to sulfur, offering a long service life of the product.

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