Consultation on in-use vehicle exhaust modification

Release time:2019-04-26 15:00

The company can provide remote monitoring cloud platform for the operation of automobile exhaust aftertreatment system to government environmental protection authorities at all levels (provinces, cities and counties). It can be used for large enterprises and institutions, logistics transportation enterprises, construction machinery production, engineering construction units, ship production, user units, generator customers, diesel locomotive units, oil drilling platforms and government mobile source pollution emission management departments. Doors provide a full range of vehicle exhaust control solutions, product installation and consulting services.

The product has passed the Environmental Protection Certification of Mobile Source Particulate Matter Control Technology by the Motor Vehicle Sewage Discharge Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

1. Active Regeneration DPF Particle Trapping System (Reducing PM)

2. DPF/SCR Intelligent Tail Gas Processing System

3. Pure passive regeneration DPF particle trapping system (PM reduction)

4. NOX Post-processing System for Natural Gas Bus/Truck (Reducing NO x)

5. Intelligent DPF/SCR Post-Processing System for High Power Ships (Reducing PM and NO)

6. Cloud Platform for Remote Monitoring of Automotive Exhaust Gas Post-processing System

7. NOx monitor (applicable to national 4/5 emission standard diesel vehicle)

8. Mobile Phone Monitor APP (Mobile Phone Monitor Operating State in Vehicle Driving)

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