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Application of SRC in Natural Gas Bus

Release time:2019-04-26 15:13

Application of SRC in Natural Gas Bus

At present, most urban buses use natural gas as fuel, while most natural gas engines use lean combustion technology. The high combustion temperature and rich oxygen content provide good conditions for the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOX), which is also the reason for the high emission of NOX from natural gas buses.
In recent years, SCR technology has been widely used in the treatment of diesel engine exhaust NOX. According to the emission characteristics of natural gas engine, SCR can also be used in natural gas vehicles.
At present, our SCR post-processing system, as a research and development project of Chengdu Science and Technology Haze Control, has been tested on a natural gas bus in Xindu. According to the project plan, the test vehicle will be tested for one month for SCR performance and durability. Specific matters are as follows:

On January 5, 2018, Peng Tao and Zeng Jiyi, engineers of our company, carried out a systematic inspection of buses equipped with SCR post-processing system at Xindu East Railway Station, and carried out data acquisition along with them. The SCR post-processing system of our company will carry out a month's actual road operation test to fully verify the feasibility of using SCR post-processing system for natural gas buses.

On December 22, 2017, more than 30 people, including citizens'representatives, NPC representatives, CPPCC members and media reporters, attended the "Face-to-Face Symposium on Air Pollution Prevention and Control", visited our company on-the-spot to see the relevant technical products of automobile exhaust control, and got to know the policy and strategy of "Chengdu Science and Technology Haze Control" on automobile exhaust control. The application results of SCR post-processing system for reducing NOx emission of natural gas buses in our company were displayed at the exhibition.

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