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Focus | 2018 China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition, bright spots, not to be missed!

Release time:2019-04-26 15:40

On October 25-27, the 2018 China International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition, the 2018 Methanol Vehicle Exhibition, Special Parts and Extension and Application Equipment Exhibition will begin in Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jiangsu Province.
The highlights of this exhibition are various and innovative on the basis of previous ones, including commercial vehicle specialization, self-contained brand post-processing industry chain, international advanced technology post-processing, advanced engine, fuel system, methanol automobile, methanol fuel cell, special equipment for methanol fuel transportation and distribution, etc.


Business Vehicles, Parts and Components Show Fist Products
As for the whole vehicle, FAW Liberation represents the national brand of China, SAIC Hongyan represents the cooperative development of China's reform and opening-up brand, Geely Automobile represents the pioneer of energy diversification technology, and carries light methanol-fueled vehicles, light trucks, large buses, heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles of different uses, different types and different energy to participate in Kunshan Commercial Vehicle Exhibition.
On the engine side, Weichai and Yuchai brought the engine and power assembly to the exhibition when they won the battle of defending the blue sky.


Faced with the fact that vehicle and engine manufacturing enterprises have entered the product development stage to meet the six emission standards, many dynamic manufacturing enterprises of exhaust aftertreatment industry chain have participated in Kunshan Exhibition.
In addition, this year's exhibition also has a lot of views on special vehicles. Tianjin Huahai Gaosheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (Huahai Gaosheng) carries mobile nuclear magnetic resonance testing vehicle. As the world's first product, it participates in Kunshan Exhibition, which marks that China's commercial vehicle field has begun to enter a new stage of professional application.

Methanol fuel cell vehicle deserves attention
Methanol, as a major feature of Kunshan Exhibition, has been adhered to for three years.
This year, a number of methanol automobile products continue to be exhibited, including the methanol automobile series of Geely Automobile, methanol passenger cars of FAW and Beiqi Automobile, methanol heavy truck of Shaanxi Automobile Group, methanol Wechat minibus of Shanxi Successful Automobile, which constitutes a master of methanol automobile pilot vehicles jointly organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology, to promote the popularization and application of methanol automobile in the next step. Market options provide useful and effective reference.
In terms of methanol fuel cell vehicles, Shanghai Bohydrogen Company exhibited the first methanol reforming fuel cell commercial vehicle announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which constituted another highlight of this exhibition. In our country, methanol fuel cell technology has formed a diversified development trend. Another commercial vehicle of methanol reforming fuel cell carried by Suzhou Gaomai New Energy Co., Ltd. appeared at the exhibition, which is a very convincing example. The operation mode of circular economy realized by standardization of scale proposed by them is interpreted to win the battle of blue sky protection and national energy security. A new perspective.
Promoting methanol automobile, the construction of methanol fuel filling and transportation and distribution system also needs professionalism, standardization, science and rationality. Changzhou Anput Company takes series of products such as methanol fuel skidding station and special filling machine to participate in Kunshan Exhibition, to protect the promotion and application of methanol automobile.

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