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Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau: Heavy Diesel Vehicles as the Main Contradiction of Atmospheric Control in Beijing

Release time:2019-04-26 15:38

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According to the latest source analysis, mobile sources account for the largest proportion of Beijing's air pollution. Heavy diesel vehicles contribute the most to the mobile sources. Heavy diesel vehicles have become the main contradiction in Beijing's air pollution control, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said recently.

According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, during the daytime from October 13 to 14, the ground of Beijing was controlled by a pressure-sharing field, with low wind speed, stable weather situation and unfavorable pollution diffusion conditions. The concentration of PM2.5 increased slowly from good to moderate to severe pollution due to the accumulation of local pollution and regional transportation.

In order to cope with the air pollution process, relevant departments have further strengthened full-time law enforcement.

In the field of fixed-source law enforcement, one is to use automatic monitoring system to monitor the discharge of pollutants from elevated sources in real time, find out problems and investigate and deal with them in time; the other is to use hot grid technology to centralize law enforcement efforts to investigate and deal with fixed-source atmospheric environmental problems accurately, and to seriously investigate and deal with the key atmospheric industries such as catering, automobile repair and other key industries without installing environmental protection treatment facilities and the abnormal operation of environmental protection treatment facilities. Environmental violations, as well as non-point source pollution such as "three fires, three dust".

Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that more than 240 pollution sources (sites) were inspected at the urban level on 14th, and more than 40 environmental problems were found. Law enforcement officers stopped and ordered corrections on the spot. Those involved in dust raising at construction sites will be transferred to the relevant departments for treatment. Those suspected of environmental violations will be further investigated and dealt with according to law.

In terms of mobile sources, the environmental protection department strictly checks the over-standard vehicles for heavy diesel vehicles, and implements the law enforcement mode of "environmental evidence collection and public security punishment", focusing on road inspection and night inspection on key roads in Beijing intersection and city.

First, at 38 main entrances and comprehensive checkpoints, especially 18 key entrances to Beijing, 24-hour and all-weather law enforcement has been achieved, while other entrances to Beijing have 24-hour mobile law enforcement. In 32 key roads, heavy-duty diesel vehicle traffic is focused on a large period of time, and fixed law enforcement point and mobile law enforcement point are combined to carry out inspection.

Second, we will further strengthen law enforcement at home, conduct comprehensive checks on multiple pollutants and emission control devices of motor vehicles and non-road mobile machinery, and conduct household checks in more than 2,000 centralized parking areas of heavy diesel vehicles and dynamically grasped non-road mobile machinery sites. The inspection contents include smoke, OBD on-board diagnostic system, emission post-treatment device inspection, diesel vehicle nitrogen oxide emission inspection, basically realizing the comprehensive supervision of heavy diesel vehicle emissions.

Third, the implementation of closed-loop management, the law enforcement found that emissions exceeded the standard of heavy-duty diesel vehicles outside the port into the "blacklist" database, the re-examination before passing the formalities for entry into Beijing. Exactly enforcing the law on the entry of heavy diesel vehicles exceeding the emission standards shall be severely punished.

According to statistics from Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, up to now, the city's environmental protection departments have inspected more than 6,000 vehicles a day, and investigated and dealt with about 900 heavy diesel vehicles that exceed the standard.

Source: Peng Mei News (originally titled "Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau: Major Contradictions of Heavy Diesel Vehicles in Beijing Atmospheric Control")

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