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Chengdu non-road emissions have "identity" code, "precise supervision" is not a matter!

Release time:2019-04-26 15:33

Non-road mobile machinery is a major emitter of exhaust gas. The exhaust gas emission of a machine below the national standard III is equivalent to 50-80 cars, and there are numerous common phenomena in non-road mobile machinery.

Faced with the increasingly severe situation of air pollution prevention and control, it is urgent to strengthen the supervision of non-road mobile machinery.

This year, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, has actively explored a new way of precise supervision in view of the large number of non-road mobile machinery in the city and the "blank" phenomenon of supervision. It has taken the lead in implementing the registration and sign management of non-road mobile machinery in the whole country, and achieved preliminary results.

Environmental Protection "Identity" Code Management Accurately Grasps the Base Number Dynamics

"Look, I've got the environmental label and the identity code for this excavator. You should apply for it as soon as possible." Recently in Chengdu, you will often hear teachers driving off-road mobile machinery say so.

In June this year, Chengdu promulgated the Regulations of Chengdu Non-Road Mobile Machinery Emission Supervision and Management (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), which clarified the concrete steps for the implementation of registration and sign management of 11 main types of non-road mobile machinery, such as excavators, loaders and bulldozers, at the construction site. The Regulations require that the owner of the machinery submit an application for registration to the environmental protection department and issue a unified "identity" coded emission sign after examination and approval; the emission sign should be posted on the machinery as required, and the emission code should be sprayed at a prominent position on the body.

"For those non-road mobile machinery that do not obtain environmental protection signs and identity'code'and do not meet emission standards, it will be prohibited to enter the construction site." Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau staff said.

As of September 4, 25385 applicants had been filed in the city. 22998 applicants had been examined and approved, and 20746 signs were issued, including 3024 Chinese I signs, 13650 national II signs and 4048 national III signs. The bottom number was further clarified.

Environmental Protection "On-line" Record Management Makes Information Running More

Does the implementation of the record management bring inconvenience to the owners of non-road mobile machinery, especially the processing process will be rather cumbersome?

The answer is No.

It is understood that the Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau has established a special non-road mobile machinery online monitoring platform (Weixin small procedures), to achieve the registration of records, sign management and information management of machinery entry and exit sites. The owner of non-road mobile machinery can complete the registration of mechanical records, personal mechanical records and environmental protection identification number in 10 minutes by using the mobile phone through the Wechat small program, which truly realizes "letting applicants run less, letting information run more". After the mechanical information is input into the small program, the site management personnel can allow the machinery to enter the site.

Build a network filing platform, optimize the workflow, and strengthen the work of "Internet + government services". In addition, the platform is also open to other industry authorities to jointly supervise non-road mobile machinery, providing more powerful support and guarantee for fine management of pollution source emissions.

Through the filing and bidding, the main responsibility of exhaust emission can be compacted, which will prompt users to update the machinery and promote the continuous improvement of the composition and structure of non-road mobile machinery in the city. Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau staff said.

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